Beetroot salad with walnuts and oranges

Difficulty:easy Preparation:20 minutes Cooking:10 minutes INGREDIENTS (SERVES 4): 500 g cooked beetroot 50 g walnuts 170 g mixed salad leaves 3 oranges 1 tsp lemon juice 3 tbsp orange juice

Garlic, olive oil and chilli spaghetti

Difficulty:easy Preparation:10 minutes Cooking:10 minutes INGREDIENTS (SERVES 4): 2 garlic cloves 400 gr spaghetti 2 hot chilli peppers Salt 100 ml Frutto della Vita Organic Oil PREPARATION Boil the pasta

Bresaola, rocket leaves and shaved Parmesan cheese

Difficulty: easy Preparation: 10 minutes Cooking: – INGREDIENTS (SERVES 4): 200 g bresaola (cured beef) 60 gr rocket leaves 50 gr Parmesan cheese 1/2 lemon juice Salt ground black pepper

Beef Carpaccio with goat cheese

Difficulty:easy Preparation:15 minutes Cooking:– INGREDIENTS (SERVES 4): 600 g quality beef fillet sliced very thinly 150 gr fresh goat’s milk cheese 150 gr mixed salad leaves 1 lemon 1 tbsp

Artichoke and shrimp salad

Difficulty:easy Preparation:20 minutes Cooking:5 minutes INGREDIENTS (SERVES 4) 4 baby artichokes 500 g shrimps 1 lemon vegetable broth salt pepper P.D.O. Garda oil PREPARATION Wash the artichokes, remove the stalks

Marinated trout fillets

Difficulty:easy Preparation:15 minutes Cooking:– NOTE: + 24 hours in refrigerator to marinate INGREDIENTS (SERVES 4) 4 salmon trout fillets 3 lemons 1 orange P.D.O. Garda oil PREPARATION Marinate the trout

Turkey in rice salad

Difficulty:easy Preparation:20 minutes Cooking:45 minutes INGREDIENTS (SERVES 8) 450 g turkey breast 360 g parboiled rice 300 g Gruyère cheese 200 g peas chopped herbs (bay leaf, sage, rosemary) 4

Fennel and orange salad with rosemary

Difficulty:easy Preparation:15 minutes Cooking:– INGREDIENTS (SERVES 4) 2 bulbs fennel 4 oranges 1 sprig rosemary 1 spring onion Salt Pepper P.D.O. Garda oil PREPARATION Peel the oranges with a knife,

Fresh oil: a tasteful event!

From the beginning of October to the end of December it is olive harvest time!  The right time differs from olive to olive, depending on its variety (cultivar), the territory

Olive fly: the fight against the olive tree parasite

A feared parasite,  but one less dangerous than the Xylella fastidiosa for the survival of individual plants and species is the Olive Fly (Bactrocera Oleae), endemic throughout the Mediterranean  The

Is unfiltered olive oil better?

With the beginning of autumn the olive harvest began, the mills began their activity and the first thread of oil came out of the separator, with its intense colour and