Estimated Olive Oil Production – 2018/2019

Based on the indications provided by producers, this year ISMEA estimates Italian production of olive oil will be as low as 185,000 tonnes (- 57% compared to last year).

Forme dell’Olio 2020: PrimOli among the winners

Now in its seventh edition, the packaging and visual design competition “Forme dell’Olio”, offered an important commendation to the PrimOli brand by awarding it first place in “Retail Oils”, second

The Oil Taster’s craft

The Taster’s profile has its own well rooted history, that refers back to the times when the first “branded” oil companies were born. In this case, the Italian cities of


Difficulty:hard Preparation:1 hour Cooking:50 minutes INGREDIENTS (SERVES 4) 450 g all-purpose flour 6 eggs 1 pinch of salt 250 g sugar 2 lemons 1 cup water 150 ml P.D.O. Sardegna

Moscardini with Garlic and Parsley

Difficulty:medium Preparation:30 minutes Cooking:15 minutes INGREDIENTS (SERVES 4) 800 g moscardini (baby octopus) ½ a clove of garlic 1 lemon 1 small bunch flat-leaf parsley salt pepper P.D.O. Sardegna oil

Spaghetti with bottarga (tuna roe)

Difficulty:easy Preparation:10 minutes Cooking:10 minutes INGREDIENTS (SERVES 4) 400 g spaghetti 20 g tuna roe 1 garlic clove 1 small bunch flat-leaf parsley P.D.O. Sardegna oil PREPARATION Boil the spaghetti

Guttiàu Bread

Difficulty:easy Preparation:5 minutes Cooking:5 minutes INGREDIENTS (SERVES 4) 150 g carasau bread (a flat, thin and very crisp Sardinian bread) Salt P.D.O. Sardegna Oil PREPARATION Drizzle all the sheets of

Fusilli with Sicilian pistachio pesto

Difficulty:very easy Preparation:10 minutes Cooking:11 minutes INGREDIENTS (SERVES 4) 300 g fusilli pasta 100 g unsalted pistachio nuts 30 ml orange juice 20 g grated pecorino cheese pinch of salt

Macaroni with ricotta

Difficulty:easy Preparation:10 minutes Cooking:12 minutes INGREDIENTS (SERVES 4) 300 g macaroni 2 cloves of garlic 300 g sheep’s milk ricotta cheese white pepper P.G.I. Sicilia Oil PREPARATION Place garlic, salt,

Sicilian-style swordfish

Difficulty: very easy Preparation: 15 minutes Cooking: 10 minutes INGREDIENTS (SERVES 2) 300 g sliced swordfish 300 g cherry tomatoes 50 g green pitted olives 1 garlic clove 10 gr

Tuna Stew

Difficulty:medium Preparation:10 minutes Cooking:1 hour INGREDIENTS (SERVES 4) 1 tuna fillet (approx. 800 g) 4-5 garlic cloves 4-5 emperor’s mint 300 g double concentrated tomato paste P.G.I. Sicilia Oil PREPARATION

Sicilian fried turnovers

Difficulty:easy Preparation:45 minutes Cooking:20 minutes INGREDIENTS (30 pieces) FOR THE BATTER: 500 g all purpose flour 75 g granulated sugar 1 tbsp brandy grated zest of 1 lemon 2 tbsp