Target market

PDO and PGI oils niche market

Our target market is the finest extra virgin olive oil niche. Today, this segment represents about 4% of overall Italian production, however a much greater quantity of oil, from southern Italy in particular, could be certified as PDO and PGI.
According to EU regulations for an olive oil to be classified as extra virgin it has to comply with various chemical and physical parameters, as well as being free of organoleptic defects and have positive sensory attributes such as fruity, bitter and spicy. The organoleptic profile of an extra virgin olive oil however, even if 100% Italian, does not have to match any typical profile.
To be classified as PDO or PGI an extra virgin olive oil must instead comply with specific regulations setting out conditions and requirements relating to typicity:

To obtain a certificate of conformity with Product Specifications, with the view of obtaining a PDO or PGI classification, each batch of bulk oil must be checked by an independent body for traceability and compliance with the applicable analytical and organoleptic parameters.
Unlike the extra virgin olive oil mass market , the PDO and PGI market is a niche where quality is achieved thanks to close cooperation between all stakeholders along the supply chain.
Drawing on its deep understanding of production and retail, PrimOli acts as a hub, linking up all the players along the chain.