PrimOli means market innovation

The PrimOli Project began in 1988 thanks to an intuition: the extra virgin olive oil market was ready to welcome more refined consumers. Consumers aware that, as with wine, the organoleptic profile of a single-origin oil is rooted in a combination of agronomic factors that are part of local tradition and expertise, a concept known as “typicity”.

A couple of decades ago those seeking to experience the delights of tasting an extra virgin olive oil, whose flavour reflects its “terroir”, had no alternative but to buy directly from local producers.

Away from the production areas, all extra virgin olive oils on the market almost had the same taste, in particular those found in supermarkets, where the customer’s only choice was limited to “fruity”, “intense” or “delicate”.

PrimOli seized this opportunity and decided to innovate the market with a large scale launch of a new range of extra virgin olive oils produced and bottled in Italy’s finest olive-growing areas.

A key step in the development of this Project was establishing direct and lasting relationships with a network of producers. 

Those relationships continue to be one of the company’s greatest assets.

We also had a close cooperation with the Florence Olive Growing Research Institute, aimed at investigating the key agricultural factors and growing techniques at the heart of a high quality extra virgin olive oil.

PrimOli has always been ahead of its time.
During its first years of operation, PrimOli had already anticipated EU regulations on PDO and PGI olive oils, obviously complying to them as soon as they came into operation.

In just a few years, PrimOli has successfully come to play a central role between producers and an international market that is increasingly interested in fine Italian food products, continuing today to be driving force for this growing niche market.

Our inspiration


To spread awareness of Italian single-origin olive oils proudly highlighting their uniqueness.
To connect consumers with the areas where single-origin olive oils are produced, highlighting their rich regional heritage.


To take connoisseurs of gourmet products on an experiential journey of discovery, also focusing on historical and cultural elements that make up the identity of a single-origin oil.
To gratify the tastes of all fine food lovers.


Beauty. As an expression of Italian taste: balance and harmony engaging the senses.
Done well. Achieved through a process where passion and experience go hand in hand with commitment and responsibility