olio extravergine d'oliva


A balanced flavour grown in a natural equilibrium.
Choosing to use organic olive oil means following a healthy diet that is also good for the environment, without forgoing taste and nutritional properties.
Those who choose an organic product entrust their wellbeing to food that has been grown respecting the environment and its sustainability.
Organic agricultural methods are a long term commitment aimed at maintaining the land fertile through the use of organic compost and minerals found in nature. Thus avoiding the need for pesticides, other chemical products and GMOs. Promoting instead greater biodiversity through a choice of local varieties, naturally resistant to parasites and diseases.
Organic certification regards the whole production sequence, guaranteeing that the whole procedure, from farming to bottling, follows the principles of sustainability, allowing traceability of the product along the whole production chain.
Frutto della Vita, certified as organic by the official body Suolo e Salute, is an extra virgin olive oil from Italian cultivars that have been selected for their ability of adapting to environmental conditions.
Its harmonious and delicate flavour makes it ideal on all recipes: delicate in flavour, gentle on the environment.
With such a tight bond with nature, organic is a choice that reflects a high regard for both nature and gastronomy.