P.D.O. sardegna

Inlets and coves are set one after another along its coastline. While a granite soil, rich in minerals and custodian of many myths, covers the fields found inland.
Under its deep blue sky, Sardinia is filled with colours, winds and perfumes and caressed by the waves of the Mediterranean.
The secular olive trees have been handed down for generations of proud and resolute people that keep rituals and traditions alive, especially gastronomic ones.
Here nature follows precise rhythms set by the seasons that force men to face challenges they have learned to overcome. The scorching sun, the arid land and the blowing wind make tending to the olive groves a demanding task that, like everything on this island, is full of charm and appeal.
Time and skill have selected the local cultivar Bosana, which releases an oil that can surprise the palate with its uniquely strong character.