PrimOli takes the taste explorer on a journey of discovery!

Travelling is one of the best ways to broaden our horizons, and when the aim is to get to know the products from a certain land, we bring back important cultural knowledge to accompany what we serve at our table.

Providing access to the world that produces “artisanal” extra virgin olive oils, PrimOli is offering the opportunity to appreciate the identifying elements of each terroir of origin.

The origins of the raw material, the methods of production and local traditions reveal the ancient ties by which people and land are intimately bound together. It is through this strong relationship that artisanal extra virgin olive oils provide an opportunity for personal growth.

PrimOli has always embraced the philosophy that pleasure and intellect complement each other on this journey of discovery, provoking new multisensory experiences. A journey that brings to the discovery of the true essence of the product beginning from the strong bond with its land of origin.

It is not only about satisfying the palate, but also about nurturing our desire to know more, in a meaningful way, in order to make socially and environmentally sustainable choices.

To achieve an exceptional taste experience we must go beyond conventional parameters and embrace a new way to truly live it. Beside and beyond the stimulus of our taste buds our experience must be able to enhance and support the value of tradition and territorial identity.

All this involves exploring the world through what we eat with a new mindfulness focused on research, characteristic quality and territorial identity. Such concepts are not just guidelines but can become part of our lifestyle: a way to connect with the land, preserve the environment, promote sustainability, and immerse ourselves in local gastronomic traditions. In an increasingly globalised world, every purchase of a product that represents the identity of a specific region becomes an act of rediscovery and a commitment to preserve a precious culinary and cultural heritage.

Right from the start, PrimOli’s target audience have been lovers of excellence, and conscious taste explorers. PrimOli wants to take them on an exciting journey of discovery in the world of artisanal extra virgin olive oils, promoting the “typicity” by offering a wide range of PDO and PGI oils.