Riviera Ligure PDO: the heroism of oil

Liguria, a proud land of sea and olive groves

Tightly embraced by mountains, Liguria turns its face towards the northernmost part of the Mediterranean. The region is a network of coastal towns and smaller inland centres, with the steep, sunny uplands falling away rapidly near the coast.

Over the centuries, this meagre piece of land has taught patience to those who live in it and tend it.

The people cultivated the steep slopes by building an ingenious system of terraces, and the olive trees clinging to these narrow strips of land have thrived in this environment. Many different varieties of olives are grown in Liguria. However, the native Taggiasca variety is particularly highly regarded.

The Taggiasca cultivar is typical of the Riviera di Ponente, and has been grown in the province of Imperia since mediaeval times. Indeed, it was the Benedictine monks, working in their olive groves, who were responsible for selecting the Taggiasca variety. Since then, this cultivar has prospered in the mild climate of Liguria.

The PDO extra virgin olive oil of Riviera dei Fiori

Taggiasca olives are the basis of this delicately flavoured extra virgin olive oilRiviera Ligure – Riviera dei Fiori PDO oil.

The quality and authenticity of this oil is reflected in the land of its production: the Riviera di Ponente with its harsh yet fertile soil.

The light fruity flavour and mild sweetness of the Riviera Ligure PDO oil goes well with traditional Ligurian recipes, and when used straight from the bottle it adds distinction to dishes based on boiled or baked fish.