P.G.I. Toscano PrimOli is the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil according to ÖKO-TEST

Extra virgin olive oil P.G.I. Toscano Primoli and organic Rapunzel are the only oils rated “Good” in the independent test performed by influential German magazine ÖKO-TEST

The May 2019 issue of ÖKO-TEST features the results of a test carried out on 20 extra virgin olive oils (of which 12 organic) pulled from the shelf. Of the other oils tested, two were rated “fairly good”, seven “average”, three “unsatisfactory” and six “highly unsatisfactory”.

P.G.I. Toscano PrimOli : Very Good

Extra virgin olive oil P.G.I. Toscano PrimOli was the only one awarded the top grade “very good” from a sensory point of view. An International Olive Oil Council (I.O.C) accredited panel of oil tasters assessed it medium fruity with persistent bitter and pungent notes and a harmony level of 6.5.

The 20 extra virgin olive oils were inspected not only to appraise their sensorial quality but also to confirm their authenticity and genuineness as well as, most importantly, to detect possible presence of contaminating substances, particularly the fossil mineral oils MOSH, POSH and MOHA.

Once again, P.G.I. Toscano PrimOli extra virgin olive oil has been ranked among the top-tier, with MOSH/POSH values much lower than the upper limits recommended by the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety and a MOHA value of zero.

This important result for PrimOli confirms the excellent quality of its products due to a careful selection of raw materials as well as a rigorous quality control.