Fresh oil: a tasteful event!

From the beginning of October to the end of December it is olive harvest time

The right time differs from olive to olive, depending on its variety (cultivar), the territory and its climate, as well as local traditions.

The Ideal moment is when the olive is at the veraison stage, that is the moment in which the colour of the fruit changes, from green to violetIt is in this phase, that there is the greatest concentration of oil and phenolic substances inside the olive, responsible for the organoleptic and nutritional qualities of the oil. 

The olive mills open their doors!

It is in this period of the year that the mills work at full speed to accommodate the crates of olives that have been freshly picked and are ready to be turned into oil.

It is a profoundly intense moment, full of life, scents and colours.

Looking at the olives rolling quickly down the machines to be transformed at the end of the process into a deep stream of oil, emerald green in colour and of a strong aroma, is an exciting, almost magical spectacle.

For those who live near production areas it is almost obligatory to stock up on freshly pressed oil from their trusted olive mill: this is often done at festivals to celebrate the arrival of the new batches of oil.

Many events, even attract people from far away!

Nowadays, food and wine tourism attracts more and more people who are interested in embarking on a journey to discover the real identity, historical and cultural, of excellent products, such as that of the extra virgin olive oil. 

Initiatives such as “Frantoi Aperti” offer various itineraries that include visits to the olive groves and other picturesque sites as well as thematic routes to discover local traditions; they all offer a better understanding of the processing stages and end with the tasting of the freshly squeezed oil, a pleasure both for the senses and the intellect!