Artisan oil: the culture of taste

An artisan olive oil is a perfect reflection of its territory of origin, including the culture and skills of its place of production, its particular identity and the story that surrounds it.

PrimOli has always promoted the typical character of extra virgin olive oil, by marketing a wide range of PDO and PGI oils. This involves disseminating knowledge of the many different “artisan oils” found in Italy, encouraging greater access to the world of production, and satisfying the tastes of all those who appreciate gastronomic excellence.

The artisan nature of an oil depends not only on environmental factors and the variety of olives used, but also on a close bond with local traditions and experiences. The territory and people, as a whole, help give an oil its particular identity, reflecting its place of origin through a range of subtle aromas, and enhancing the sensory experience.

The true repositories of traditions and skills are the people who produce these artisan oils. PrimOli has carefully selected its network of producers and built up firm, lasting relationships based on sharing a culture of excellence. 

This is the great value of the work carried out by PrimOli, which is committed to promoting   those dedicated producers who prioritise quality, taking the consumer on an journey to explore the unique historical and cultural identity of an oil. 

Through the work of PrimOli, olive oil becomes a way to get to know different lands, people and flavours, in a journey through the huge diversity that Italy offers to those searching for taste and quality in the field of gastronomy, with respect and esteem for local characteristics. It is a way to resist the standardisation of taste, retraining the senses, sharpening perceptions, and reviving dulled sensibilities.

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