Simei 2019: “Dressing the extra virgin olive oils to be market winners”

On 21st November 2019, during SIMEI– International Exhibition of Machinery for Oenology and Bottling – the Olio Officina and Mercacei publishers held an interesting conference called “Dressing extra virgin olive oils to be market winners”.

The initiative focused on expanding the role of the packaging process, making it a symbol of quality as well as a vehicle of content.

Ceq Italia and QV Extra! España (consortia for the promotion of quality extra virgin olive oil) discussed the importance of the packaging of premium extra virgin olive oils, not only in attracting consumers, but also in supporting their purchasing decision, especially in points of sale that are self-service. It is precisely in these circumstances that clear information about the characteristics that make an extra virgin premium olive oil (the origin and the variety of the olives used) is of fundamental importance for the customer.

Numerous graphic and communicative studies, both Italian and Spanish, showed different products with highly distinctive designs emphasizing how packaging could become an interactive, aesthetic and sensorial interface, as well as housing and protecting the contents.

The conference ended with the testimony of some companies that market extra virgin olive oil.

Among them, PrimOli talked about its path to restyling the brand and the labels of its range of PDO/PGI extra virgin olive oils produced and bottled in the most prestigious Italian olive growing areas.

As well as the conference there was also an exhibition (“Le Forme dell’Olio”), dedicated to the packaging and design process of oils.