rEVOOlution project

rEVOOlution project:One step forward in finding the parameters to accurately measure the positive attributes of superior quality extra virgin olive oils.

Attestato di partecipazione "rEVOOlution Project", Olio di Alta Qualità

The aim of the project, led by Professor Stefano Mancuso and his research team, is to create an analytical method able to objectively and consistently measure and confirm the results usually obtained through a so called “Panel Test”, used to determine the sensory attributes of olive oil.

Research began in 2016 thanks to the work of Cosimo Taiti, Leonardo Sabbatini Elettra Marone, and, Piero Fiorino, who found that thanks to spectrometric analysis it is possible to distinguish the volatile components that give olive oil its positive and negative attributes. The results have provided a quick, secure and effective way of analysing olive oils and correctly classifying them for the market without necessarily having to resort to the more subjective evaluation provided by a group of expert oil tasters.

The rEVOOlution project represents a further step forward for the University of Florence in finding the right parameters to measure the positive attributes of a superior quality extra virgin olive oil by using spectrometric analysis.

PrimOli, along with other oil producers, has contributed to this research by providing samples of high quality extra virgin olive oil. First, the samples were analysed, classified and evaluated by an expert panel of oil tasters and subsequently they were examined using the spectrometric analysis: results showed a high level of concordance.