PrimOli at “Pane al Pane”. A Tasting Workshop to educate consumers on quality at its origin

4-16 December 2010: PrimOli exhibits at “Pane al Pane- Mediterranean Food & Design”, an event held in Genoa by Palazzo Ducale Foundation for Culture and the University of Genoa, also part of the Biennale del Mediterraneo.
Central theme of the event was the concept of eco-sustainability, with the ambitious aim of exploring our daily relationship with food and discovering projects and previews of what we’ll see on our plates in the near future.
On this occasion, PrimOli organized, together with Marcello Scoccia, head of the O.N.A.O.O. panel (National Organisation of Olive Oil Tasters), a tasting workshop that took participants on a polysensory journey of discovery revealing that the quality of an oil is a reflection of its origin. A workshop to educate consumers on the complex spectrum of aromas and flavours present in an apparently simple product that is in fact a subtle interpreter of the multi-faceted cultural expressions that lay at the heart of its terroir.