The role of packaging in the niche sector
of “premium” extra virgin olive oil

When it comes to packaging extra virgin olive oil, the main aim is to protect it from whatever increases its perishability: temperature, and contact with air, light and moisture. 

This could be described as the “functional” role of packaging. However, the packaging for an extra virgin oil should also indicate its particular market positioning, which will vary considerably according to whether it’s a mass-market or premium product. 

For mass-market products, it is generally the brand that conveys a certain image. However, in the niche market of “premium” extra virgin olive oils, the discerning consumer can read about the special qualities of the oil on the label, and these will influence his buying choice.

The shelves of large retailers increasingly feature rows of dark glass bottles, designed to protect against UV radiation. These are the great family of “premium” extra virgin olive oils, each generally produced in a limited area, giving them a distinct and special identity.

For its line of PDO/PGI extra virgin olive oils, PrimOli has chosen to use a thick glass bottle, dark green in colour and with a rectangular shape, both to differentiate it from the usual square or round bottle and to give a better impression of its size. But the label is the stand-out feature of the packaging, as it tells the consumer the story behind the product! 

A PrimOli label tells you about an “artisanal” extra virgin olive oil, whose quality is closely linked to the terroir where it originated. 

Every designation of origin in the PrimOli range has been given a colour code, carefully chosen to reflect the character and history of the area of production. So, red is for Tuscany, a land of oil but also of good wine, brown is for the province of Bari and the dark soil of its olive groves, and blue is for Sardinia with its azure sea.

The stories are complemented by hand-painted illustrations, depicting iconic images of the various areas of production.

The graphic design for the entire range is both simple and stylish, and represents the values of the PrimOli brand: beauty as a reflection of Italian taste, and dedication and expertise combining to create special and well-made products.

We would like to think that our labels evoke the aroma and flavour of the oil from each terroir, taking the consumer on a journey through the history and culture of the different areas of production and their people. The taste will confirm that promise of quality!