A new product from the PrimOli range: PGI Sicilia is on its way

With the publication of the Official Journal of the European Union L 249 on 16/09/2016, Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil has finally been awarded with the Protected Geographical Indication PGI Sicilia.

Located in the very heart of the Mediterranean, for centuries Sicily was a crossroads of different populations and cultures; its unique combination of historical, social and cultural elements has resulted in a particularly rich genetic heritage from a horticultural prospective. This distinctiveness is especially evident in olive oil farming : with an incredible 25 olive varieties, Sicily is the Italian region with the highest degree of biodiversity.

Leveraging on the high value consumers around the world place on the “made in Sicily brand” and the (truly) outstanding quality of Sicilian oils, PrimOli introduced its new PGI Sicilia oil on the market started with the 2016/2017 crop.

The look and taste of this extra virgin olive oil is influenced by long hours of sunlight, optimum temperatures, humidity and winds flow that together affecting olive trees physiology and imparting to a Sicily PGI its characteristic sensory profile: a medium fruity oil with a balanced taste of spicy bitterness and pleasant hints of green tomatoes and freshly cut grass.